at Bad Waldsee

The Princely Golf Resort Bad Waldsee – nestled in a unique natural paradise!

One of the most beautiful 45-hole golf courses in southern Germany awaits you in beautiful Oberschwaben. Here you will experience the most beautiful sport in the world in a new dimension. From the setting sun, the only LED night golf course in Europe beckons you. Here you play LED-illuminated fairways with glowing balls, while the periphery is softly illuminated.

On a total of 340 hectares of princely sports & nature area, you can also indulge in other activities such as cycling, biking, archery, cross-skating and hiking.

Only a tee length away from the fairways, both the modern 4-star hotel with great fitness and massage offers and our diverse gastronomy – with 2 large sun terraces – are waiting for your visit. Whether in our ‘Café-Restaurant Ausblick T-19’ or in the upscale ‘Restaurant im Hofgut’ – let us spoil you.

The city of Bad Waldsee and its surroundings have a lot to offer when it comes to cycling. Well-known routes such as the “Donau-Bodensee-Weg” and the “Bäderradweg” lead through Bad Waldsee.

Furthermore, there are many different cycling routes, from short pleasure tours starting at 13 km to longer day tours for explorers with a length of over 60 km.

Of course, a city like Bad Waldsee is located on a well-known long-distance bike path. It is the route “Danube – Lake Constance”, which from Ulm in an attractive routing (152 km) over the northern, rather flat Upper Swabia later touches the Allgäu. At Langenargen it finally leads to Lake Constance and offers some variation in its course.

Nine beautiful spas to stop and enjoy and countless small and large sights invite the cyclists along the spa bike path. The varied route leads from Mediterranean-style Überlingen on Lake Constance through Oberschwaben to the Allgäu region.

On a forest area of about 14,000 square meters you can expect 9 courses with a total of 170 exercises on 2600 meters of climbing. The different difficulty levels of the courses ensure that everyone can test their limits. In the Kiddy course, children as young as three years old can gain their first climbing experience under the supervision of the accompanying adults on the ground.

In the southeast of the city, a highly attractive recreational area, the Tannenbühl, has developed piece by piece over the past decades. Here you can enjoy the natural yet attractively designed play and recreation space. Observe the various game preserves built on the steep slopes of the forested moraine hills. A whole series of information signs offers interesting facts about the forest, animals and soil formations. Tannenbühl is also considered one of the main areas of joggers and Nordic walking enthusiasts in the city.

In the northwest of Bad Waldsee it leads you to a natural spot, the Steinacher Ried. Impressed by its plant and animal diversity. In the rather dry places there are pines and spruces, while in wetter regions mosses and reeds, including sundew, dominate. In wet locations, for example, one discovers the bulrush and the marsh marigold.

As if that were not enough, the fen is home to countless dragonfly and butterfly species, amphibians and reptiles, including the poisonous adder. The abundance of various insects provides ample food for colorful birdlife.

Upper Swabia, that “Kingdom of Heaven of the Baroque”. The Upper Swabian Baroque Route is one of the oldest cultural and vacation routes in Germany. On the altogether 760 km long distance it permits everywhere a always new view of the characteristics of this route: Monasteries, abbeys and churches, splendid castles and noble seats and a pronounced baroque landscape belong to it just like the sound of the baroque organs, delicacies of baroque tables, beer as people’s beverage No. 1 and a completely special upper Swabian way of life. Let us inspire you.

Bad Waldsee lies on the main route, nestled between Steinhausen, the “most beautiful village church in the world”, Bad Schussenried with its famous library hall and Weingarten, the Swabian St. Peter. The municipal museum in the Kornhaus in Bad Waldsee is worth a detour because it houses a remarkable Zürn collection. The Zürn family of sculptors was the pioneer of the Upper Swabian Baroque in the 17th century.

Indisputable: Anyone who is asked what is typically Swabian will immediately think of spaetzle. In Upper Swabia, they are simply part of a proper meal. And what do we as native Swabians say? You’re right! In the Bad Waldseer Spätzle Museum you can experience up close what our spaetzle have in and on them.

Start a discovery tour through the cultural and technical history of caravanning. An exhibition of over 6000 m² brings to life the dreams and visions of mobile travel from the past to the future! The historic vehicles from all over the world, caravans, motorhomes, camping buses, cars, motorcycles…, from tiny to huge, some bizarre and rare, evoke memories, tell their story(s) and invite you to marvel.

Travel with the Erwin Hymer Museum along dream routes, to places of longing around the world. Immerse yourself in the adventures of the pioneers, learn exciting facts about technology, development, production and design, and discover visions of the mobile travel of the future.

Discover the Mäschkerles (fool guild) from Bad Waldsee and learn everything about the Swabian-Alemannic Fasnet, their masks and their meaning. The museum on the first floor is about the history of the oil mill. Here it is explained how the work process and everyday life of the miller were. The oil mill has its name because oil was actually produced here, for example oil from rapeseed or linseed plants. The farmers from the surrounding area brought their field yields to the oil mill in Bad Waldsee and drove back with the pressed oil.

The Kornhaus in Bad Waldsee invites you to one of the largest warehouses in Württemberg between 1300 and 1800. The size of the house clearly confirms the importance of grain trade for the city at that time and the city’s rank as a trading center. Such a large storehouse was certainly useful for times of need, but mainly the granary served trade.

The hottest spring in all of Upper Swabia

Experience the fluoride and sulfuric thermal water from a depth of almost 2000 meters, with almost 65°C. The healing effect of the thermal water with its numerous spring minerals has a positive effect on your health while bathing. Feel almost weightless in the thermal water. This enables exercise and training therapy for musculoskeletal disorders that would otherwise be virtually impossible to implement.

For pleasant bathing pleasure, the temperatures of the Waldsee-Therme are cooled down to a moderate 28 to 37 degrees in the four indoor and two large outdoor pools. Power up with aquabiking or aquajumping, or relax and dream with underwater music, the Waldsee-Therme offers pure activity and relaxation. Actively strengthen your health by the cold waterfall, by a round in the pedal pool or in the whirlpools.

Take a sauna the way you like it best in the spacious sauna and wellness world. On an area of about 4000 square meters you will find everything you need for a refined sauna culture: space for relaxation and experience, for relaxation of psyche and muscles.