Eyes closed, senses on. Treat yourself to a moment of time out all to yourself and let our wellness team pamper you. Whether it’s fragrances, soothing massages or relaxing beauty rituals – here it’s 100% about you and your complete relaxation. Immerse yourself in a world where enjoyment and relaxation are paramount.

We recommend that you reserve the desired wellness treatments directly when booking your room or before your arrival. You are welcome to book your treatments when you arrive at the Parkhotel, however, not all treatments may then be available to the corresponding extent.


Relax together
60 min / EUR 140,00

Treat yourself to relaxation and well-being together:
– Facial massage for woman
– Back massage for man
– Warming mud pack for both
Finally, enjoy a bottle of Bodensee Secco in your room.

From foot to head
60 min / EUR 80,00

An all-round time out for you and your body:
– Relaxing foot bath with a cup of tea
– Massage “Feet and legs”
– Back massage
– Head massage

“Feel good” without end
180 min / EUR 225,00

Book 3 massages (a 60 min) of your choice and get 30 min for free.


Classic full body massage
60 min / EUR 75,00

Recharge your batteries with a classic full body massage.
It offers a variety of positive effects. This includes not only a very pleasant relaxation, but likewise vitality, strength, pain relief and much more.

Classic back massage
30 min / EUR 45,00

Recharge your batteries with the classic comprehensive treatment
of the back, legs and arms. The massage releases tension through stroking and kneading movements and provides a feeling of well-being.

Legs & Feet
30 min / EUR 45,00

Enjoy the soothing effect of a leg and foot massage.
Classic massage techniques combined with energy balancing techniques provide deep relaxation. The flow of lymph is stimulated, muscles are loosened, blood circulation in the skin is improved. The leg massage helps with heavy, tired legs due to long standing or walking. sitting, – for sore muscles
after sporting activity or after a “shopping marathon”.

Anti-Aging Lifting Facial Massage
30 min / EUR 45,00

These gentle massage strokes improve lymphatic flow to help relieve puffy or tired eyes. A facial massage stimulates circulation and can support a glowing complexion. The skin looks rosier and thus fresh, refreshed and youthful.

Anti-cellulite Cosmetic Lymphatic Drainage
30 min / EUR 45,00

Lymphatic drainage, the gentle massage that stimulates the metabolism and the whole organism, is a kind of miracle weapon against cellulite. This technique ensures that water accumulations in the tissue are more easily removed.

Indian head massage
60 min / EUR 75,00

The soothing, gentle head massage from India is particularly suitable for relaxation in between and is used specifically to reduce stress. Through gentle Ayurvedic tapping and rubbing techniques, blockages in the head and neck area are released. Thoughts can flow freely again; mental and creative energies are mobilized. The massage also provides relief from tense and sore shoulders and neck.
In addition, the blood circulation of the head and face skin is stimulated, toxins are transported out of the body and the balance of body, mind and soul is restored.

Wellness Massage

Aroma oil wellness massage
60 min / EUR 75,00

During this gentle full-body wellness massage, choose your personal fragrance favorite from our selection of massage oils.
Aroma oil massage is a special variant of the full body massage. The body relaxes, the soul is pampered. As a result, a holistic sense of well-being occurs.

Deep relaxing massage
60 min / EUR 75,00

Gentle touches and long strokes on the body gently release tension. Feel safe and secure.

Anti stress full body massage
60 min / EUR 75,00

During the anti-stress massage, the individual parts are massaged with slow, rhythmic stroking movements. Through the various massage techniques and joint loosening, on the one hand the muscles are relaxed and revitalized at the same time, and on the other hand stress and anger are reduced.

Aloe Vera Massage
60 min / EUR 75,00

This nourishing massage with aloe vera is a gentle and at the same time refreshing treatment. It regenerates strengthens your skin in the summer and has a regenerating effect before and after intensive sunbathing.

Foot reflexology massage
60 min / EUR 80,00

The feet are considered the reflection of the body. Reflexology is a relaxing pressure point massage to stimulate diseased areas of the body and organs. The basis of this treatment method is the mapping of the entire human body onto individual reflex zones located along the sole of the foot. The connections via the foot reflex zones lead to all internal organs. Through the punctual massage of the corresponding zones, disturbances and blockages can be released.

Hot Stone Massage
60 min / EUR 80,00

In a pleasant way, the blood circulation is promoted, muscular tensions are loosened and the lymph flow is stimulated again. The heat transferred to the body also provides physical and mental balance, activates the body’s own energy sources and increases the general well-being.

Herbal stamp massage
60 min / EUR 80,00

During the stamp massage, the linen cloth bags filled with herbs and heated in steam are moved in different massage movements along the energy pathways according to the ying-yang principle. Short and targeted tapping movements alternate with slow and intensive stroking movements. In the process, the active ingredients of the herbal mixture unfold. Tensions of muscles and tissues are loosened, metabolism is stimulated, the body is purified and the skin is cared for by the exfoliating effect.

Mud pack
20 min / EUR 25,00

Rich in minerals and numerous ingredients combined with high heat retention, the application of mud accelerates blood circulation and the regeneration process. The slowly increasing heat development has a deep effect on the inside of the body, stimulates the metabolism and relaxes the muscles.

Women’s well-being foot bath
20 min / EUR 25,00

A boon for your feet. Kurland herbal bag “Frauenwohl” has a blood pressure lowering, calming, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and warming effect.
A foot massage with high-quality oils, round off the treatment perfectly. Enjoy a nice cup of relaxing tea while doing so.